Friday, February 18, 2011

Following Dreams in Meditation for Self Development

If you follow your dreams, you may find yourself mediating often. You may focus on these dreams by meditating and not even realize it. This is because many people fail to see their purpose and miss detailed points that lead them to this dream in the first place.

Our dreams are influenced also as we grow. When we are a child for example, we often hear our parents say, “I hope you grow up to be like your father.” Especially true if the father is a leader in society. Sometimes the father is not a leader yet the child will strive to be like dad.

The fact is the child is not developing properly, because the child is not exploring to his fullest capacity his abilities, skills, or other aspects that make him a distinctive human being. Sometimes children grow up with their own dreams. They may say, “When I grow up I want to be a truck driver.”

They may see large semi trucks that fascinate them, which start the dream. Later in life,they may stumble on other interests and decide they want to become a doctor when they grow up, or what have you.

All of sudden the child is in medical school studying to become a doctor. When the child graduates, he may discover new talents that points to science, or research. Rather than feeling fulfilled as a doctor his mind starts to wander why he did not take courses in college to become a research expert or a scientist.

Then the child tracks back to his first dream. When he first thought that he wanted to become a truck driver, he commences to meditate, wandering why his interest was lost. He realizes that he enjoys traveling and seeing new places. Now he has a dream left behind, yet he begins to focus again on researchers and scientists.

What is happening here is this person is not connecting with his inner being, which
includes his qualities, skills, desires, personality, character, likes, dislikes, and so on. Too many times this happens to a person. They continue to follow dreams that lack development, which leads them in a job position that they truly do not like.

Now he is a doctor, what can he do? First, he can start to meditate and review all aspects of us person, including his abilities, skills, personality, and roam through his mind to discover new ideas and aspects of him that he missed along the growing phase.

Once he begins to meditate details will appear and new information will become apparent that will help him to develop his personality, discover who he is, accept what he is, and move to become the person he wants to be.

He will learn to develop new skills, since he will start to see through meditation ways to improve his life. It is not too late he says. I can still return to school and study to become a scientist or researcher and develop the skills I need to be a successful person.

He continues to explore. As he explores his inner being, he starts to recall additional details from his experiences, learning, and sees clearly what steps he has to take to start up the career that satisfies his soul.

When you follow dreams, make sure these dreams are reality-based and are something you want to make your reality. Sit down and meditate often to explore your dreams and when you see that these dreams will make you happy, make them come true by developing new skills and learning to make it.

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